Be Thankful for the Light

The way to bring to your life
The thing that is bright
Is to be thankful for the light

When you express/speak genuine thankfulness for those things that are everyday and taken for granted without much notice you bring into your life abundance. We have said be thankful for that which you do not have yet and trust that it will come. Most of you have difficulty doing that. You find it hard to be in gratitude for something you cannot see in front of you.

So, today we again suggest that you take time in this holiday season to be thankful for those things that you do not ordinarily notice. Clean air and bright sunlight, birdsong and children’s laughter, the touch of a loved one’s hand. Those things that are a part of your everyday routine, that are right there in reach of your hand and in sight of your eyes.

When you begin to see and thank the Creator for the seemingly insignificant things that are around you in abundance, you create a signal to the universe that you are ready to expand and bring more abundance into your experience. Lack speaks to lack and abundance to abundance. So be thankful and allow more to be brought to you.

Many of One


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