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An observation

We have been traveling a bit with our typist.While sitting in an airport many hours, plane delayed, we had the opportunity to walk, explore and listen. Most beings are absorbed in their own pursuits, ignoring others, until the plane gets delayed and then there is a hum of conversation and activity. Each is trying to convince the other that they are the one who is most injured by the delay. If their demand that they are most injured is not acknowledged by the being they are in conversation with they move into another conversation with the next being they make eye contact with and start again to convince. While we admit that a 7 hour delay of arrival, can and will cause some distress. 137 passengers complaining and bickering with airline personnel can dump a lot of negativity into the ethers in a very short time. Not to mention the negativity each complainer puts into their own futures. Because you see the universal energy meets like with like and therefore those 137 beings with such strong emotional energy pouring out of them said to the universe. This I want more of this!

Therefore, we would gently suggest the next time you find yourself in a situation of delay that you calmly insert ear buds and play Mozart. Thank the universe for the airplane that will eventually get you where you wish to be and the talent of Mozart.

Many of One


The gift is still unopened

All the questions that are asked
All the answers are given
All the time that spent in prayer
All the requests are granted

Question asked
Answer given
Prayer received
Request granted

If you ask
You shall receive
It is written
It is Law

It cannot be otherwise
But, say you
I did not get
That which I asked for

You did we say
The gift is still unopened
The wrapping is different
Than what you expected

Gratitude for what you receive
Gratitude for what you asked for
Even though not yet received
Gratitude unwraps the gift

Miracles occur, look and listen
And you will hear
All the answers in your ear
Answers given

Many of One

An Evolution of You occurs

With an Attitude of Gratitude
An Evolution of You occurs
For you see it’s based on trust

An Attitude of Gratitude
Is a personal statement
That says just this
I AM appreciative of everything
Everything I have experienced
For what I have learned
Everything in my present
For it comforts and teaches me
Everything that is yet to come
Because it is Life
Life is worth living
I AM worthy of life
I AM grateful

Many of One

Be Thankful for the Light

The way to bring to your life
The thing that is bright
Is to be thankful for the light

When you express/speak genuine thankfulness for those things that are everyday and taken for granted without much notice you bring into your life abundance. We have said be thankful for that which you do not have yet and trust that it will come. Most of you have difficulty doing that. You find it hard to be in gratitude for something you cannot see in front of you.

So, today we again suggest that you take time in this holiday season to be thankful for those things that you do not ordinarily notice. Clean air and bright sunlight, birdsong and children’s laughter, the touch of a loved one’s hand. Those things that are a part of your everyday routine, that are right there in reach of your hand and in sight of your eyes.

When you begin to see and thank the Creator for the seemingly insignificant things that are around you in abundance, you create a signal to the universe that you are ready to expand and bring more abundance into your experience. Lack speaks to lack and abundance to abundance. So be thankful and allow more to be brought to you.

Many of One

I am I said

I am I said
I am said she
I am we agree
I am sets us free

I am spoken sets in motion your acceptance of your own power to create. The spoken word along with your vibration/frequency in the moment it is spoken is creating. We have said this often and today with all that is happening and the holidays coming we take a moment of our typist’s time to again remind you that, the next word spoken after I am will be. So if you have said, “I am so angry, over this situation.” You have guaranteed that you will continue to be “so angry” probably over all situations you come across. We suspect that most of you would not consciously choose to be angry during the holidays and family gatherings. Therefore it might be a good idea to choose to rid yourself of the anger and if nothing else presents itself.
I am that I am and I am thankful.

Many of One

To be or not to be the choice is yours can’t you see?

When to be
Your choice
When not be
Your choice
In between to be and not to be you create life

To be or not to be the choice is yours can’t you see? We often speak to you of choosing. At the most basic of these choices is the choice to be or not to be. You were not thrown into this life to be misused, tortured, poor, abused by some unknown power whose aim is to make your life a misery. You choose to be here knowing all that could happen and understanding that you have the power through your choosing to create a wondrous experience in the physical. Yes, we acknowledge that for some of you the knowing is lost, that is why we come to you to push and prod you into re-knowing your own power of creation. The grace of spirit resides within you and once you re-connect yourself with yourself; you will have complete knowing that you are now and always will be a glorious being of Spirit. One who is powerful beyond measure.

Gratitude is a means of reconnecting you with Spirit. Start each day by being just be grateful that you breathe, nothing more. After a few days start to be grateful for the parts of you that are as you wish them to be. Now the hard part begin to speak gratitude to the parts of you that are not as you would wish them to be. Also, be thankful to those unseen parts, liver and gallbladder, arteries and vessels, life-sustaining blood, you get the idea. Be in gratitude your physical self and then slowly, begin to find things outside yourself that you can be grateful for each day. Almost without being aware that you are doing it, you will begin to see the miracles around you.

Many of One