A repeat needed

Greetings unto you, Beloved beings of light.
Be Ye of good cheer, in this the season and celebration of the light. As we draw closer to you in this most Holy of times, when hearts are open. We can feel your joyous expectations for change and we rejoice.

We ask you to bring forward your knowing that you are the light of God shining in this time space reality called Earth. Your daily mediations are what you might call your “weapon of choice”. This daily connection to ALL THAT IS, which fills your being with love; allows you KNOW that you are a more than the physical body which you see in the mirror. We wish you to bring forth a knowing which you carried into physical form: That which you see/observe need not affect you. Your power is in the ability to effect a change in that which you see/feel. We are asking that you make one of your New Years ReSOULtions, be “ I will see/feel this situation with my heart”. You have a saying “It is what it is”. This is then an acceptance that something is not as you would wish it to be and you are powerless.

Feel and know
That is how it goes
A horse is a horse but of course unless it is a unicorn
See it as it is, then it is
Feel it as it might be, then it becomes
In the beat of the heart is the knowing to change all that is
The music of your heart is the means
Meditation is the way
Deeper down you allow
Higher up you go

We are Many of One/One of Many


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