Now let go and trust

What you say
Are the answers
The answers
Depend on the vibrations

It is not the thought
That is thought
It is not the word
That is spoken

Creator responds
In every moment
To the frequency
You are vibrating

We understand that we often begin to sound like a broken record, for those of you who still remember records. So many of you are paddling madly; that it is the “loudest” vibration. It is to that loud vibration that the non physical turns, for it is the dominate one.

When you are putting on a face to show others while your thoughts are whirling in frustration you are not serving yourself or anyone else. It would be better that you should go in the closet and scream in frustration and then let it go. For in the moment of screaming you would be in total alignment with frustration. Although you do not wish to draw more frustration within your experience in the action of letting it go you can begin to change your energy into something more positive.

Projecting one attitude while feeling another is how many of you get through your day, completely unaware that you are not congruent. Your thoughts and actions don’t match. Congruency is necessary to you being the best you. So if you are working for someone whom you find irritating and you must stay in your position at this time, we are suggesting that you have a conversation with you that goes something like this.

I do not like/admire this person that I must deal with today, but I acknowledge this and for today only I will be congruent in my dealings with myself and the other, by acknowledging that I do not know what is behind why he/she is this way or why I respond as I do. I ask their guiding forces and mine to work together to aid us interacting together for the benefit of the job that needs doing today. Today I will do the best I am able no matter what else is going on. In recognition that I am doing the best I can, I will go easy with me and the other. I now let this matter go and trust in a positive outcome for all involved.

Now let go and trust.

Many of One


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