Trust in You

There are words inside of me
Bursting to be free
It’s what I KNOW
That you should KNOW
But there is a part of me
That whispers
Not yet
They are not ready
Not yet
You are not ready

Breathe and Know
It is time
It is well

Everything that you need came inside the package that you see when you look in the mirror. There is not a need to spend an entire life looking for the thing that makes you whole. You came that way. There is only the requirement of quieting your mind and learning hear the quiet voice that says, “Come this way.”

Such a simple thing and most find hard. Trust in yourself, not outside yourself.

Many of One


2 thoughts on “Trust in You

  1. After reading and contiplating a little on this passage… I decided to.. after I dress in the mornings and before I start my day…. I am going to look at myself in the mirror… I am going to see my higher self and say ” I see you… I see the light that is my soul and acknowlege that I am more than what I see in the mirror… I came to this place a complete package and I know and have all that I need and it will appear at the time of need that I need it” ……..and i will believe it. I’m curious to see how the next few weeks go………..

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