We suggest begin with FORGIVENESS.

Because you are in a time of change
It is time to change you
Not the world around you

Your power resides in you
Your truth is yours
Another looks at the world
Not from your eyes but theirs
What you see as truth they do not

All though all is One
Each set of eyes
Looks at ALL
From a singular perspective

Another cannot feel you
They will not feel your feelings
And they will not feel your feelings
From your words

It matters not how many times
Nor how many faces
You tell your STORY
They will not feel your anger/hurt
Nor will they feel your elation

The point we wish to make is, you must see, that when you change you.
Change your way of looking outward, when you change your way of thinking inward. The world in which  you dwell, will begin to look vastly different.

We suggest begin with FORGIVENESS.

Many of One


4 thoughts on “We suggest begin with FORGIVENESS.

  1. Alex came in this morning and asked if I had read this yet because it really hit her….felt like it was for her. As I read it… I feel like they are speaking to my heart…. wow. Thank you. I feel redirected with my attitude this morning. Thank you.

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