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Trust the universe to provide

Now you see
Your choice is this
See or not
Do or not

The light of the Creator
Fills you to the extent
That you prepare

Your body cannot
Hope to hold the light
If you are more in your
Mind than your Heart

It is your choice
To change your thinking
From can’t to can
From fear to all is well

In you there are voids
Fill the voids with light
Become a giver
Not a taker be

Prepare you to become
Allow the light to guide
Trust the universe to provide
Choose the light

The light is your guide

Many of One


A butterfly that can fly to the moon

And so we say
Unto you all
The Word of the Creator

And in the LAW
You will find
The consistency you seek
The LAW cannot change

The LAW is not subject
To the whims of man
The LAW governs
The universes of Creation

So we say to you
That in the LAW
That does not change
In this is the Creator’s Love

As any parent knows
A child cannot thrive
In chaos
In a world without rules

So safely within the LAW
You go about becoming
For the LAW doesn’t change
It is your cocoon

What the Creator has wrought
Man cannot undo
Understand the LAW
Become a butterfly

A butterfly that can fly to the moon

Many of One

Do not an ostrich be

Do not an ostrich be
With head in sand
Afraid to see
Instead look with calm

Upon that which
Is causing fear
Stand in your knowing
This cannot affect me

This cannot hurt me
Unless I allow it to
It is not possible
I see but do not fear

Like to like is drawn
Maintain your positive energy
Look at that horrible thing
But feed it not

Your news media keeps
Many millions of you
Focused in fear upon
That which you do not want

The more millions
They keep focused in fear
The more fear causing
Newsworthy minutes will come

We do not say
A Pollyanna be
For sometimes
The good is hard to find

In the process of looking
You are focused upon
That which you do not
Wish to experience

Instead see
As the Creator sees
Look with love
For those affected souls

Then look for something
That brings you joy
Then look again
With peace in your heart

Fear begets fear
And Hate begets hate
Both disappear in the face

Many of One

You are the keeper of the connection

Abundance comes and abundance flows
Abundance is proof positive
That you understand from whom it flows
You are that which draws abundance to you

When your connection to your Creator
Is that thing which is most important
Is the focus of your feel goodness
Is centered strongly in your energy

From that connection flows all
You are the controller of that connection
You are the power behind your abundance
You are the keeper of the connection

No other being keeps you
Separate from abundance
Just you
Only YOU

The being from whom
All blessings flow
The river on which all blessing flow

Your connection with your Creator
Your connection with your truth
Your surrender to Divine Will
Your will, will not suffice

Many of One

The trick is that you must see

The world is filled with joy untold
Yours to find and behold
The trick is that you must see
See that which is in front of you

You all look at your surroundings
Although few of you see them
Joy is not a thing that just appears
It is not handed to you in a box

Joy is perspective you obtain
From your way of seeing your universe
Joy bubbles up from inside of you
It has always been part of you

You have only lost it
In your effort to succeed
You have lost the beauty
Of being physical

Joy is the way the sunlight
Hits the leaves and reveals
Color, form and dimension
Joy is in the wonder of a leaf

Joy is in the lines and planes
Of a city skyline
The architecture of the buildings
And the minds that created them

Joy is in perfect cup of coffee
The smile a small child
The sparkle in an old persons eyes
But you must seek Joy

It is not outside of you
It bubbles under the surface
Release your joy, Release your heart
In this there is freedom

Many of One

That thing you did not know you had

There is space deep inside of you
From which you pull
That thing you did not know you had
Strength, to carry on

There is a space deep inside of you
From which you pull
That thing you did not know you had
Strength, of character

There is space deep inside of you
From which you pull
That thing you did not know you had
Strength, of will

There is a space deep inside of you
From which you pull
That thing you did not know you had
Strength, of conviction

There is a space deep inside of you
From which you pull
That thing you did not know you had
Strength, of integrity

When met with adversity you have
Deep inside of you a well
Placed there by the Creator
At your beginnings

Placed there so you
Can reach inside and aid you
In the worst moments
The strength of the Creator

Many of One

BEcome the hero

Your life is a play
Which you write with your words
Why then do you write the tale
Of that which has happened to you

If you were writing a novel
Or a play you would not make
The star your victim
But you make you a victim

Why then do you use
Your words of power
To tell the story of your victimhood
Would you not rather be the hero

When you were a child
You were going to be the hero
When you grew up
We wish you to become the hero

It is power to BE that you want
Not poor me
Hear the tale of how misused
Am I

Tell the tale of what you do
Not the tale of what is done to you
You are the chooser of words
Put a different spin on the story

BE come the hero
You desire to be
Not just in your mind
But in your life

Save yourself

Many of One