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Indeed I AM

I AM in need
I AM indeed
In need I AM
Indeed I AM

And so it is, in circles you think and you think in circles. Backwards or forwards, our dear friends you think and think; the same thought over and over.

Stop it, we say to you. You are in charge the beings around you are not doing this to you. YOU are doing “this” to you. What you fail to see; is this: it is not personal. Energy is neutral, and everything is energy. Everything is energy.

Universal source in energy, it is neutral. Always moving forward, positive to positive and negative to negative, source is not seeking you out to make your life miserable. Source is impersonal, following the universal laws that govern.
If you can but comprehend this thought, “it isn’t personal”, and adjust your behaviors accordingly things begin to change. You are responsible for how your life works. YOU!

Many of One


I AM ready for life today

Light me up world
I AM ready to play today
Light me soul
I AM ready to soar today

Lift me up soul
I AM ready for life today
Lift me up
I AM ready to soar today

Pay attention self
Here we go
Light me up world
Here I go

Many of One

You are as you were meant to be

Often we say to you
You are complete
You are as you were meant to be
You are whole

But, you say I AM not
I AM ugly
I AM sick
I AM poor

We say you are complete
We say you are whole
We say you have life
We say you are loved

In this time of “He is risen” many of you look at your surroundings and your circumstances and find them lacking. Making comments if “He is risen.” why is the world as it is? Why am I as I am? Why? Why?

We are about to get on our soapbox, just warning you.

Everything you need to have life as you would have it is inside of you. You are a complete package. The ability to have, to be, to see, to experience as you desire is contained within your heart energy. You can be and do, but only in your present moments. So we suggest with love that you use the cleansing energy of the next three days to resurrect yourself. Starting today, forgive.
Tomorrow, forgive. Saturday, choose whole, perfect, complete, healthy, wealthy, and content with what and where you are now. Sunday awaken as a new and resurrected you. Ignite the Christ within you and begin to live as you intended when you came forth into this time space reality.

Many of One

The still quiet voice within your heart

Persistence has its own reward
A quiet mind is the goal
Mind quiet peaceful is the soul
Then you can know

This is why we say to you
There are things that you must do
Learn to control the flow
Flow of thoughts

Think is a thing that you do well
Think is a thing that helps you not
Think on this
Most of your thoughts are negative

The voice in your head
Tells you stories
Stories in which you are the victim
Stories about “they”

Why “they” have and you do not
Why “they” are better and you are not
Why “they” are rich and you are not
See you peace in this

You see the voice keeps you in fear
Attached to a litany that cannot bring peace
When you use your power to quiet that voice
You begin to hear

The still quiet voice within your heart
Come this way dear
Let that go
Forgive and move on

Many Of One

We are back


In the beginning
There was I AM
In the beginning
There was I AM
In the beginning

Our last talk with you; was a while ago, by your time, but moments by our reckoning. Our typist has been distracted by moving and setting up in a new location and all that it entails. Today she is less distracted and hears our voice.

Today we wish to discuss, something that we read over her shoulder so to speak, it is not a topic that we asked her to seek on your internet as we often do, but one that came on its own. The author of the article was stating that meditation, without the “work” of working through trauma experienced was not the way to good mental health.

Now, since we are proponents of using meditation to heal your soul and body while quieting your mind, we desire now to state our opinion.

First this, any being who; has used meditation to quiet their mind in order to be well, will tell you that it is not a “stroll in the park”, as you say. It takes diligent effort on your part to set aside time, each and every day to meditate. Then the practice of allowing thoughts to pass through your mind without engaging in them; just allowing them to be and fade. Finally, with enough practice you are able to enter into mediation without thought, to just be in the moment. To be present; that is where you can create from the present; you are physically always only in the present.

It is not currently possible for you to be in the past physically, but you can and do spend time mentally in the past reliving all your trauma and disappointments, small and big hurts. You get the idea. Therefore, it is our considered opinion that since most of our human friends either cannot or will not spend time and money in “the work” of reliving their traumas working through the emotional upheavals that come with the looking at, experiencing, placing blame where it is do and forgiving, then moving on. We offer to you that meditation teaches you to quiet the mental part of you that drags you over and over into these unpleasant things and keeps you forever in the past, mentally. All the while, life is happening in the present and you do not move forward.

Many of One

The power of surrender

I AM it All
I AM everything
You call you

I AM the energy of life
I AM that which beats your heart
I AM the Light
I AM the small quiet voice that guides

I AM everything that is
I AM everything that will be

So, Beloved
Why is surrender difficult
A suggestion to go one way
Instead of the other

The right hand path instead of the left
The pink one instead of the black
The kitten instead of the puppy
Quiet now don’t speak at this time

This move serves you not
Try this one
Still you resist
Still you know better

Free will is yours
In surrender
There is peace
The choice is and will always be yours

There is power in surrender
To Divine guidance
To Divine Will

Many of One

Testing your abilities

Now we say this
Playing a game as you do
Testing your body’s
Physical abilities

In this there can be joy
In this there can be pleasure
Pleasure in the physicality
Of being in this time space reality

Testing your abilities to hone them
Coming together with others wishing
To test theirs in a game of skill
That is not competing to control another

That is testing your physical prowess
Your proficiency at a particular skill set
Learning exactly what your body can do
Feeling good about being you

It is not about controlling
It is not about holding another down
It is not about you are less
And I am more

Can you see the difference

Many of One