The Law of Action states

The Law of Action states that action must be employed in order for you to manifest things on earth. We must engage in actions that support our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words.

Now let us discuss this idea, many of you have heard or seen the many teachers of the Law of Attraction. Which states that like energy is attracted to like energy; and that in order to manifest you must line up with that which you wish to manifest. Most of these teachers talk about lining up with the feeling of the thing wanted and not allowing negativity to be part of the thought process. This is a true teaching. We do not have an issue with the teaching of this law. There are however, other laws that come into play before you get to the Law of Attraction.

We have already discussed the Law of Oneness and the Law of Vibration, now we come to the third the Law of Action which is stated above. The Law of Attraction is not one that requires action, because by the time you are in the active practice of this law you should be familiar with the previous laws. That being said, we move on. The Law of Action requires that you make an effort to move forward with actions that support the thing/experience which you desire to bring into your experience.

We will use this example of an appropriate action, if you are desirous of a road trip and do not own a car that is capable of safely transporting you and yours across town; let alone across the state or the country then the corresponding action to manifest a road trip would be to fix your car so it is road worthy. If it is not fixable, then investigate the purchase of a new car. If a new car is not in your budget at this time, an appropriate action would be to look at your spending and evaluate whether or not you can cut expenditures, in order to save for a newer vehicle. If your credit will not allow you to purchase a new car, then you begin to look at ways of repairing your credit. If none of these examples fit you, then it would be a good action to start to plan the trip, research the places you would visit and what you might do there. All of these actions tell the Universe that you are serious about the desire to have a road trip.

If you tell the Universe that you desire a road trip and then continue to live your life without making any changes that would aid in making the trip a reality, you will not manifest a road trip. The inside of you and the outside of you needs to be congruent/matching in order to manifest anything. Your actions must demonstrate that you are making choices in your experience to assist in bringing that which is desired into being.

Remember, friends you are the creator here in your reality. It is your responsibility to take an active part in the creation if you desire an experience different from that which you now have. Most of you have gotten where you are by default, you have been unaware that you are creating that which you experience. We tell you friends, that being unaware does not stop the creation. If you do not like what you are currently living, begin to take action to change it for the better.

The Universal Laws are immutable (absolute), we advise that you decide if you will live what they bring you by default or if you will learn and practice to co-create with them.

Many of One


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