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A butterfly that can fly to the moon

And so we say
Unto you all
The Word of the Creator

And in the LAW
You will find
The consistency you seek
The LAW cannot change

The LAW is not subject
To the whims of man
The LAW governs
The universes of Creation

So we say to you
That in the LAW
That does not change
In this is the Creator’s Love

As any parent knows
A child cannot thrive
In chaos
In a world without rules

So safely within the LAW
You go about becoming
For the LAW doesn’t change
It is your cocoon

What the Creator has wrought
Man cannot undo
Understand the LAW
Become a butterfly

A butterfly that can fly to the moon

Many of One


Come out of the dark

Come by here
And sit a spell
Come by here
And be awhile

Come by here
And listen well
Come by here
Come out of the dark

Come by here
Into the light
Come by here
And be awhile

Come by here
And take our hand
Come by here
Into the light

Many of One

Ponder and Prosper


A broken record
Don’t you see
Advice we bring
Tools we give

Free will is yours
You can change or not
You can prosper or not
You can be healthy or not

That which you desire
Will be yours or not
Depending upon

Accept responsibility
For your action
For your words
For your thoughts

Choose differently
The actions you take
The words you speak
The thoughts you think

Take responsibility
For you
For your present
For your future

Blame not another
You do you
Ponder and Prosper

Many of One

The tapestry you paint

Imagine this if you will
A piece of cloth
Stretched out in front of you
On that cloth you will paint

You paint with your words
This life you will lead
It is as simple as that
It is as hard as that

Your words are the paint
Applied to the tapestry
That will become your life
Choose carefully

Once painted not easily erased
Words are not lead
Lead can be rubbed out
Words spoken must be lived out

Once spoken words
Will be experienced
Until you begin to choose
And speak carefully

The tapestry you paint
Will not be that which
You desire to experience
Tell a different story

Paint a different life

Many Of One

We do not have a magic pill

Don’t you know
It’s as we say
The questions you ask
The answers given

You ask the question
We give the answer
Do this thing it will help
The responsibility is yours

We will not touch you
And make it better
We will say, it can be better
Do this with intention

We do not have a magic pill
We do have a formula of practices
Perfect practice makes a perfect life
The responsibility is yours

You came here knowing
There is not a free ride
Now the free ride paramount
The effort must be yours

We will not change your circumstances
You are responsible for change
Change your choices
Change your life

We will not change those
Who you are in relationship with
You cannot change them
You can only change you

Do you begin to see
You are in control of you
You are responsible for you
You create that which you experience

Many of One

Until you feel that you are finished


So there was a time before
So there will be a time again
That is how it works
You get to come again and again

Until you feel that you are finished
Until you feel that you have done it
Until you are pleased
You get to come again and again

But every time you come
There is the feeling
I have been here before
I left something undone

What is it that I must do
Grow is what you must do
The inner of you must expand
Your soul yearns for expansion

When you begin to search
You begin to feel a peace
Yes this is right
Walk the path, come this way

Begin at the beginning
We are all One
We are a part of the One
Oh, now I begin to recall

What it is I must do

Many of One

You come and you go

You come and you go
And don’t you know
There isn’t very much to show
For all the lives you spent

A little trust here
A bit of truth there
Integrity, well you’re working on that
For all the lives you spent

You come and you go
And don’t you know
This time I will do more
This time I will get it done

You come and you go
A bit of compassion shown
A bit of love shared
For all the lives you spent

Ah, but accumulate things
That you can do
Do those things show your worth
Does accumulating get it done

For all the lives you spent
All those things accumulated
What is there to show
This time I will get it done

Whatever you are doing this time
Do not worry
There is always next time
The next time I will get it done

Many of One