We wish you to KNOW

We wish to discuss the difference between belief and knowing.
We wish you to KNOW before you make choices of any kind.

We wish you to understand that believing that something will turn out okay and KNOWING something is absolutely the thing to do is vastly different energetically. It is the difference between negative and positive energy. When you believe that a thing you are about to do could possibly turn out alright; there is a small opening for a positive outcome but a larger possibility that it won’t. The niggly doubt that is in the back of your mind that says, “Yeah, BUT”, provides enough doubt to allow other than a good result.

The reason is that when there is conflict inside of your Being you are not a cooperative component with the desired outcome. It is necessary for you to start making choices when you are in a state of KNOWING it is the correct choice, even to acknowledge that it is the best choice in the circumstances you find yourself in at this moment in time. When you make a choice based on all the knowledge you have at the moment from a place of positivity, then you can be sure in the KNOWING at this point this is best thing I can do. In that energy there is not room for the niggly voice to argue with you.

Many of One


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