Receiving and Writing

Living by the Sun
Living by the Moon
13 Moons in All
Body in sync with Nature

Can you put aside from you, the discord that comes from that which surrounds you?

Today they wish me to relay to the first time I “wrote” in a trance.
These writings come to me in a trace like state, with a quiet mind and a bit of music in the background; I sit at the computer and open myself to the Guides. First there is an acknowledgement that they are present and accounted for. Then some short statements that establish the link and then we are off and writing. A few years ago while meditating at my desk before starting my work for the day. There came a request. “Take a piece of paper out of printer and put pen in left hand.” HUH? I am righthanded.  By then I had learned to follow instructions fairly well, so I did as asked. With my left hand I wrote the following:
I am here with you
My name is Gregory
I bring you news from home
Now be prepared
I am Gregory
Be prepared – All is Order
WE are here
This is your dance
You know the steps.
Okay, so know I am REALLY excited and somewhat taken aback by this happening. That was only step one. Next the voice said keep your eyes closed and stand up…sit down…stand up. Now open your eyes. With my eyes closed the feeling was of being 10 feet tall and that my head was in the upstairs bedroom. I was expanded. When the request to open my eyes was given, I was shocked to find that I was well contained in my physical body.
The feeling of being expanded was gone, and boy did I want it back! So, the next day I tried again, the music, a pen and a journal to receive the message. That was 7 years ago and I am ever seeking expansion, so each day I write.


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