Spirit is not a Doctor

In is out
Up is down
Wrong made right
By the might of the light
Hear the Call
Hear it now
There is much to be done
There is naught to be done
Light above
Light below
Join them both to the ONE
Matrix – Green is the glow
It must grow
They must know
Quantum in and Quantum out
Quantum turning all about
To the left
To the right
Step in
Step Out

We wish to speak today of healers and healing. You see that we are stepping off that “soap box” you speak of….for a bit. A healer is a facilitator for Spirit, and as such it is necessary that a healer not see the being before you in a healing as broken in anyway. We have asked you in the past to not inquire into the nature of the dis-ease that brings one to you. Next as the healer is only the conduit that the energy flows through to the being seeking wellness, there is no need for action by the healer other than allowing the energy to flow. We understand the many methods in your time space reality that facilitate becoming well; some of these do require an action of one kind or another by the healer to create the path for flowing to the one seeking healing, that is not the action we speak of. Healing is a gift and as such must be given and received. Most healers give willing and Spirit always flows where asked so, the sticky part can be when the being seeking healing does not acknowledge the gift. We have spoken with you that the “gift” of the healing goes to the one seeking in a basket of sorts and they must open and receive that which is given. There is often a misconception on the part of the seeker of healing that they go to a healer and it is done. It is not done. It is the responsibility of the seeker to open and receive the gift that is given. It is necessary that they take part in the “work” that is done; healing is not a passive thing. The seeker must recognize their part is to choose to be well and to choose to accept the healing that Spirit offers. Spirit is not a Doctor that listens and hands out a pill or liquid that then takes care of the illness without any participation on the part of the ill one. Healing requires choosing to be well, and claiming the right to be well; as you learned in your sojourn in physical form this time. This is a choice to be made every day, or minute to minute dictated by what your physical self requires at any given time.

PS…We may be back on the soap box tomorrow.

Many of One


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