Spirit Well

If you listen well
We will tell
How to visit the Spirit Well
Spirit well is found deep inside of you
You are the only one who has the key

If in this life experience you find one who has attained a state of being that you admire or desire; let their ability to do so serve as a statement that you also can attain such a state. It is not necessary that they become then Guru to you and that you must copy their method of attaining step by step without variation. These beings are proof positive that attainment is possible and their life demonstrates that if they can, so can you. You must know then that you have inside of you a spirit well that contains the key to your own attainment of what is desired. Each being has their own path to follow, and although bits and pieces of others methods might help; you will be most successful when you put said pieces together in your own way. You are not alone in this endeavor there are always non-physical beings/Angels ready to step up and help. First you must ask. Then you must listen.

Many of One


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