Soar Today

It seems today is a day when my Spirit connection is strong and  therefore I must write. I was going to “save” this for Monday, but of course that would be bringing past into present…so we present you with another message. Blessings


How are you says she
Oh, say you; do you really want to know
I ask because I care, says she
Up on the platform you go
The story now to tell
Let’s see I am today
Because of this yesterday
And this last week
Oh and when I was a child
Did I ever tell you about my ex?

Okay, now we start again
How are you says she
I am fine say you
Really, says she how are you
I am fine say you
I am fine
No matter how you ask I am FINE

You all (must be a Southern Guide today) are so attached to your stories of woundedness that you cannot speak of  yourselves without telling the story of what came before. Realize you do not that “before” is in the past and only affects now because you allow it so. Part of having a quiet mind is not having a story to tell about  ALL the past hurts. The more you tell your story of what was, the more it becomes your – what is…and you know how WE feel about your what is. It is what is…unless of course it’s not. I am fine, means you forgave yourself for allowing what happened to affect your life, for you see you are in control of that and only that. You cannot change what happened only your reaction to it. Let go of your yesterdays in order to soar through your today.

Tell a different story.

Many of One


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