Spirit Well

Deep inside each one
There is the music of soul
It is contained in the spirit well
Deep, Deep down inside you go
There you will find that which you know
You are Creator incarnate

The spirit well contains that which you brought into physical, those knowings that would sustain you in your sojourn in this time space realty. We say again to you that all you need can be found inside. There are those who would teach you thus and such and then speak to you that you have not attained the level to be included, with us. You are not……..

We say that You are and so much more. The desire to be in form and still KNOW that you are Creator is the hunger that each feels and is unable to name. Then because you can not name the hunger you search and search the world for that which resonates with you. AHA, you say, I finally found it, with these I belong. Only to find you do not in someway belong to these either. Your societies are more those of exclusion than inclusion. So for a while you lick your wounds and then start a new to search for where you belong, for the place that feels like home and the beings that are family. If you would only realize the “thing” you are searching for resides inside of you and that you may sit in your own living space and access it without anyone or anything outside yourself. Your personal spirit well contains all that you wish to have answers to,it does not require anything of you other than quiet moments of meditation, a mind that is still and a heart willing to listen to the quiet voice from within. The voice that says “Beloved, I AM here. Listen well, seek HERE and you WILL FIND!”

Many of One


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