Beauty overwhelms when looking out from Spirit
The inside of me looking at the outside of me
Spirit sees that which has been created
Whole, perfect and complete
Each one as they should be
Truth be told if we but for one moment could see others, as Spirit does
Races, religions and politics would not matter at all
The Spirit in me sees the Spirit in you

The voice of Spirit comes to you on the wind; in that faint almost message, in a word, the smile of a stranger, the butterfly that flies by your shoulder as you walk, and the voices in the shower. Get in the shower with an issue that needs resolving and get out with an inspired solution (soultion), where do you think the resolution came from? The song in your head when you wake up in the morning can either drive you crazy or bring inspiration; your choice. Can you hear the almost words in the noise of a fan. Ghosts, probably not Spirit maybe if you can allow the noise to take a back seat you might be surprised what you can hear. If you ask for Guidance it is given, then you must recognize it when it shows up. Things are not handed down in black and white and on a silver platter. It is your mission then to be open and to expect the unexpected. That horse of course could sprout wings and fly you to the moon for a different perspective on the issue. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I keep asking.

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