The Power is Yours

     Today we would speak with you about the bringing of past into future, by reliving it in your now. Most of you have hurts that wounded thereby creating a story for your mind to tell. Your mind (which is not your best friend) loves to have you dwell in the place of wounds. We tell you it is not necessary to re-live each experience, feel the hurt and then let it go and move on to the next one. Step by step staying in the past and bringing all that was into now, while trying to live your life successfully.
    Let us clarify a bit first. There is your brain which operates your body, does it extremely well, without input from you. You need not tell yourself to breathe in order to continue living. Then there is your intellect which is separate from the part of your mind that would have you living in the places of past wounds. We wish to stress, because of past conversations with some of you that, your mind can be thoughtless and still maintain your intellectual level. Losing your endless conversation with your mind about who did what when and how it hurt, or who is going to wound or take something from you; WILL NOT affect your intellectual ability to carry on a brilliant conversation or solve an issue in your workplace creatively. Now that is out-of-the-way, TRUST that this is true.
   Back to our topic of bringing these past experiences into now and by doing that you create by default your future. Because you are Creator you draw into your tomorrow at an energetic level that which you vibrate today. What we are suggesting, is that you place your focus on feeling good about yourself in spite of the story of the past. You may do that easily by simply telling yourself each time your thoughts go to old wounds “I forgive you”. Forgive being the operative word and the emotion that is brought forward with that forgiveness is positive. So you are quietly saying, NO! to the unwanted intrusion into your peace. Notice, please, that we are not saying “I forgive you Peter, Paul or Mary for what you did to me that hurt me.” We are simply saying “I forgive you” and allowing positive emotion to fill you with that thought, no reliving please; just a quiet “I forgive you” and moving on. What you will notice after a time is that the emotions connected to the old wound are gone and you have forgotten some of the minute details and you really don’t want to tell that story anymore. Even though you could dredge up the details if you had to, those events cease to be who you are. That is the key you see, you are not your wounds, you are Creator, here in physical to remember that you are Creator and the power is yours.

Many of One


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