Not one being is left behind

There is so much that is backward in this Old Earth
Come join us in the New Earth they say BUT
First you must do this or that and then we can all have
First we say to you that this Old Earth is as it should be
Is it not beautiful when you take the time to see

So now we have our topic for today. When you were awaiting your physical incarnation you understood that you would have experiences and you trusted that you would recall your knowing and the outcome would be as you desired. Even as you knew this you also knew a veil would descend over that knowing and your path would be one of rediscovery of who you are. The difference between that knowing and what you are living in this moment is where you get to experience Trust. You trust without thought, that the Sun rises each morning and sets each evening, it is a thing you can depend on. So each morning when you arise and are about to put your feet on the floor trust that it will also be there and you can rise and go about your day without thought. Without the mind action which we have heard some of you call the Monkey Mind…such an amusing image, but oh so true. When you are able to live in this moment without thought and still do what needs doing without embarrassing yourself by showing up at work in your pj’s, then you are on your way to the new earth. The path to a new experience in the time space realty called Earth is a quiet mind and a loving heart. It is a walk with yourself of Trusting without knowing the outcome. This each must find for herself in her own time and until then all is well and as it should be….for not one being is left behind.


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