Trust is just Forgotten

Trust is a thing that you must feel your way to
It was with you when came here
The others have taught you not to
Trust is just forgotten
You knew Trust and now you must
Know Trust

In your yearning to evolve, which is what all souls aspire to; one of the necessary components is TRUST. Another word that you might use that would feel the same is faith, the trust we are discussing here is a deep knowing in your soul that you are safe and all will be well; no matter your current reality. We often speak to you of what you knew before you came in physical form and how you can find your way back to the true knowing of yourself. Life experiences of the beings here have led them to not believe in themselves as being of power that can affect the outcomes in their lives. Most of you see life as happening to you and we are always asking that you re-know that you are happening to life, all life. AH, you say I would trust but….will I like what happens? If I knew the end result this trust thing would feel better. That’s really the issue most of you have, trust is relying on the non-physical you to take care of you. In this world of instant gratification by means of the touch and see of your electronics, you all have grown used to instantaneously knowing the result of an action. As you are a “work in-progress”, your acquaintance with trust can also be a “work in-progress” it is not thing re-called in an instant. You could decide to little by little to not try to guess/control/know what the outcome of an action might be. Some of you have a saying, “let go and let God”, that would be similar to what we suggest; let go and allow the universe to surprise you.

Many of One


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