Who Speaks

Connected are you to all that is
It can be no other way
No Being is left to drift alone
There are always three
You and You and Thee

Today we will explain about Many of One. When I first started to receive the messages each day I would wait for someone to say “Greetings Beloved, I am ……” as you see in channeling on the internet. I had been told that I would channel a great long list of impressive Beings, years before the first visit. I had also been told that I should always make them identify themselves and refuse to acknowledge any being that wouldn’t. So, each day in mediation I would get someone to speak with and sometimes I would know who it was, sometimes, they would speak their name and sometimes no names came into my knowing. I am able to “see” and “feel” as well as “sense” non-physical and I could detect nothing but well-meaning toward me. The process of turning away from the energy of these Beings, because a name was not given; left me sad. So after Gregory came and the automatic writing started I was still asking for names and once or twice there were just long lists of names, before the connection was broken. There was a day when I was told it matters not what we are called, names are inconsequential, it maters only what you feel/sense/hear when we speak together, whew! So, that’s a relief. Now will you let us speak with you? In some of the poem writings after this you can see by the words and tempo that from one stanza to another a different personality was speaking. So the short story is that Many of One used to sign their name One of Many, Many of One. They are a collection of non-physical beings that come forth each day for a chat. As I open myself up to their energy a different being steps forward to write. It kinds of freaks people out to see me slumped over the keyboard with my eyes closed typing faster than I really can. I am able to sense the difference in how each feels and still all feels as it should, and now they speak with you. I am honored to be able to share these most valued friends with you.


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