Our typist has a involuntary twitch of discomfort every time beings speak to her of “the shift, shifting” and has requested an explanation as to why something that in basic principal sounds “awesome” makes her so uncomfortable. We will discuss that today.

We hear you speak of shifting and we feel your excited anticipation of the great shift that will propel this time space reality into “heaven on earth”. We have spoken with you many times that this is a place of individualized experiences. Each being grows/evolves at their own pace as they choose or not, create or not. If you reflect on this for more than a moment, it might occur to you that in such a place all individuals would need to be focused in agreement on upliftment/shifting into another reality/dimension in order for a dimensional shift to happen. We are not suggesting that it isn’t possible for all things are possible; we suggest only that it is not probable given the environment focused here at this time.

If you would recall the last time you were in a group decision making situation, (it matters not what), and how long did it take the group to come to 100% agreement? Not a consensus, or majority in favor, but every being agreeing on exactly on all elements of the decision. Therein lays the crux of the issue of shifting this time space reality into another dimension. A few cannot create for the all. A few thousands cannot “hold space” for the millions to catch up; that alone is a judgment that some are more than others and judgment is not acceptable in the universal system.

If it is truly your desire to “shift” into a new reality, then our suggestion is that each being begin to move themselves from their mind into their heart. Each individual concentrate their own efforts on being the “best they can be”. Each one begins to “become the change they desire to see”. All individuals take responsibility for their own situation. You see there are many quotes in your society that points in the direction where the probable becomes the possible.

Many of One


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