Who will answer the call?

I heard my name in the night. Called out once with force and power. It is not the first time such a one has spoken to me. As unsettling as it seems. Grandfather, are you there?
This morning I sense one called Moses, he has come before; quiet, strong and commanding in his presence. It seems that humankind is at a place today where he found himself long ago.
Will we stand in our power and faith and flow with the power of the almighty Father –Mother- God to create our own path to walk in the sea of calamity that surrounds us in this time and space. Each one connected to the other, but who steps out first? Who will answer the call as he did long ago?
We raise our fists in frustration, but who will raise their hand in acceptance and step into the power given by our creator? The power to walk forth on the path through troubled waters carrying the expectation that Father-Mother-God will carry us through all that lies ahead?
We are extensions of the Creator, given all that they possess, and yet we see ourselves as a small seed tossed on the waves of a turbulent ocean. Can you answer the call? Standing straight and tall? Everything to gain, nothing there to lose.
That which we see need not be, it is only that which we perceive.


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