Let us look
There music
There is laughter
There is Light
Always Light
To show the means
Of joining All to One
Let go, Let go
And you will know

We often ask our typist to go in search of information on the Internet, there is  much there to spark interest/questions. Questions then lead to conversations we are able to have because there is now awareness of something to be pondered. So in this search we came upon a discussion of consciousness, where the question was asked, what is consciousness? Now, we  begin a conversation with you on this topic.

Let us start this conversation by stating that intelligence and consciousness is not the same. Each is an entity in its own right. All beings have consciousness and it is not tied into how brilliant or not their intelligence shines.

In your dictionaries there are a few definitions for this word. That maybe one of the reasons it is so difficult for most to describe. There is: “awareness of surroundings, the thoughts existing in a person’s mind, awareness of a particular issue, a shared belief of a group”, and then there are the synonyms, etc. Metaphysical groups talk of human consciousness rising to a point to bring all into a new dimensional experience. If you mostly reside in your mind then you would be at the end of your search for what consciousness means. (Do you ever wonder why there are so many explanations for each word?).

We have laid some ground work then for this question. Where in the explanation/definition for consciousness does the connection between consciousness and creator exist? There seems to be in your metaphysical societies a link between one’s level of consciousness and that one’s connection to the Creator. How does it come about that using the accepted definitions for the word? Given the dictionary one could draw the conclusion that level of consciousness is connected to the level of awareness one has for her surroundings, issues in society and the sharing of a belief with a group, where then does the higher consciousness/Creator connection come from? It would seem from the dictionary description, that in part consciousness is physical. One would have to be awake, aware and communicating on some level to be conscious. Yet there are stories where clinically dead and comatose patients tell of experiences that occur while they are “unconscious”. It begins to feel to our typist that the word consciousness is overused, and possibly not apt for describing the awareness of an individual’s existence and their acceptance of Creator as statement of their level of consciousness. A self-proclaimed atheist does not see herself as unconscious.

So, we have many questions and not to many answers so far. This is a topic that we would explore in our talks with you. It is “dense” according to our friend at the keyboard and she has difficulty at times putting the feel of what is received into words. To receive us without judgment of what is known to her, then to translate and make it known to you…”might take a while”. Therefore we ask your indulgence.

Our typist just had an “AHA” moment, she asks if the difficulty lies in the belief that we are human beings having a spiritual experience and tend to pull our physical selves into all explanations? Where as if we were to accept that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we could more easily accept consciousness not relating to the body at all?
Another question to reflect on.
We leave you for today.
Many of One

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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