No restrictions there

If you see the stars that shine
Then you look on the Divine
The never ending story
It’s in the Milky Way
It’s in the Void
Places of all possibilities
No restrictions there
You can feel your way
Creations await you

We would begin today speaking about Beingness. Beingness is not a word in your dictionaries. Beingness is who you are outside of the constraints of the body and this time space reality. Beingness is awareness of all, a knowing that connects you into Oneness and a certainty that the connection is everlasting. Beingness is certainty that you are not confined or constricted by anything. The surety of the love of the Creator pulses there for you, Beingness is and always will be life everlasting. Beingness is you without judgment of you. Beingness knows consciousness does not reside in a physical body confined by the thoughts of the mind. Beingness is where you find yourself when you let go of belief.
Belief is very constraining for if you believe one thing and another believes something different then push comes to shove and one of you must defend/justify your belief as correct and then if it is correct all must believe as you do; and off you go in a never ending spiral into discordant soup. So we stop here for today.

Many of One


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