Startled by Spirit

The man of peace doesn’t appreciate being wielded like a sword.

The above is a quote of a very loud message I received on Saturday while driving pass a sign that said “Jesus is the reason for the season”. The message was instantaneous to my reading of the sign and was so insistent that it startled me and I hollered, which startled my husband who was driving.
It was not from Many of One who are gentle beings, but from a being that was BIG ENERGY and FORCEFULL. The being went on to speak to me that, Jesus was a peace maker, a pacifist in the extreme. Signs such as that one and others like it that are floating about would be contrary to his way during his earthly existence and not in keeping with his message of “Love thy neighbor as thy self”. Christmas has evolved over time to what it is today, for whatever reasons. Those who participate can do so in the manner they wish. Lots of gifts or none, it is as everything here is an individual decision. It is not a platform for creating separation. It matters not whether you say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”, buy lots of gifts or none;  as long as peace is within you. There have always been non-Christians on this planet it is not possible to identify one by looking at them. Therefore in the joy of the Christmas season, Jesus finds it perfectly acceptable for you buy as many gifts as you desire and to wish every being you meet a Happy Holiday with joy in your heart that they should enjoy the coming days…for whatever reason they choose in whatever manner they choose. In that way you will spread PEACE ON EARTH.
Now this message is delivered to you and I can get on with my holiday preparations.


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