Breathe 1-2-3

There is an access code you know
That goes beyond the veil
It is a code that goes untold
Your soul knows
The deeper down you go
The higher up you go
Your heart holds the key
Breathe 1-2-3

We would speak with you today about knowing. The goal, if you will is that you link the physical being that you are with the knowing of your non-physical self. Your soul/light retains within it the access code to all that is possible, the conscious of the multi-verse at your disposal. Most earthbound beings are at this point belief conscious, you believe in stuff, all kinds of stuff. Along you go in belief and something comes up that disproves your belief. Then you spend some uncomfortable moments letting go of that belief, before stepping into another belief and on you go shedding beliefs and hopefully growing in the process. Of course you have the option of refusing to believe the proof that your belief is proven incorrect, stubbornly staying put. Life is always about choices.

Let go and know
Many of One

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