Breath and Smile

We speak to you today of using passion to find your way. Passion is energy of creation. Passion is a positive fast moving energy, full of miracles. Passion is something most of you will have to work at. But oh, it is so worth the time and effort. Let’s start with passion for the air that fills your lungs when you take a breath. For without out that you would not be in physical. It is a very basic place to start, but one without a variety of opinions and beliefs to be sorted through. Cool crisp air brought into the lungs, feels invigorating, energizing. Close your eyes and breathe in the cool air and feel how your body embraces it and the energy it brings. There is a smile on your face, just for the joy of breathing. Now move that feeling of joy into how well you feel in your body. Yes, yes, we know…but even if you don’t just image how it feels to be well, and bring that feeling into your aura for a few seconds and feel well and invigorated, passionate about your being alive. There you have done it! Just for a few seconds you felt passion for yourself and life. A few seconds everyday and enjoy what happens next. A small thing to do to change your life…breathe and smile.

Many of One

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