To be or not to be the choice is yours can’t you see?

When to be
Your choice
When not be
Your choice
In between to be and not to be you create life

To be or not to be the choice is yours can’t you see? We often speak to you of choosing. At the most basic of these choices is the choice to be or not to be. You were not thrown into this life to be misused, tortured, poor, abused by some unknown power whose aim is to make your life a misery. You choose to be here knowing all that could happen and understanding that you have the power through your choosing to create a wondrous experience in the physical. Yes, we acknowledge that for some of you the knowing is lost, that is why we come to you to push and prod you into re-knowing your own power of creation. The grace of spirit resides within you and once you re-connect yourself with yourself; you will have complete knowing that you are now and always will be a glorious being of Spirit. One who is powerful beyond measure.

Gratitude is a means of reconnecting you with Spirit. Start each day by being just be grateful that you breathe, nothing more. After a few days start to be grateful for the parts of you that are as you wish them to be. Now the hard part begin to speak gratitude to the parts of you that are not as you would wish them to be. Also, be thankful to those unseen parts, liver and gallbladder, arteries and vessels, life-sustaining blood, you get the idea. Be in gratitude your physical self and then slowly, begin to find things outside yourself that you can be grateful for each day. Almost without being aware that you are doing it, you will begin to see the miracles around you.

Many of One


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