There is a time
There is a place
When sickness you do face
Is no time for judgment
It is time for Love
There is a place for solace

We wish to speak to you this day of dealing with illness. Upon receiving a diagnosis, we have noticed that most of you cry how can this thing happen to me and the proceed on a journey that includes self-examination of your life to see what went wrong that this should happen to you. We view this as bringing your past into your present and that does not affect your future in the manner that you are seeking. When you are seeking absolute wellness in the time of trying illness, it would serve you better to stay in the present. Self reflection is a fine method of self-improvement, berating oneself for being in a situation due to something from the past or some perceived personality flaw is not.
When wellness is sought, one needs to concentrate on feeling the absolute best that they can about themselves and life in general. The past is just that in the past and you can not affect it in the present. You can however affect your future from the present. So be kind to yourself and forgive you for anything that brought you discomfort in the past. Then move on to gloriously living in the present with joy and love.

The method to doing this is choice. Those of you know us well should have seen this coming. In each moment of your day choose wellness. It is more that choosing once a day, like taking one of your daily multi vitamins. It is consciously choosing every moment that your mind wants to focus on the condition of your physical body, and distracting your mind away by say “I choose to be well”. It will not serve you to acknowledge the pain and or the illness and then say “I choose to be well”, the best result will be if in the moment you are aware that the mind is telling you that you are ill, you tell it that you choose to be well. When your body hears “I choose to be well” or “I am on my way to glorious health and vitality” the cells react and begin to rebuild themselves into the image that you are creating for them. Your bodies were meant to heal themselves and store the knowledge to do so, it is just a matter of bypassing the knowledge in your mind and recall to yourself the knowledge of the cells.

Many of One


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