It’s all about LOVE

The children of the world they know
It’s all about LOVE
All though they learn not to let it show
Before they can communicate
They have been taught
Things they did not need know
Things that they must then un-know
But first they must grow physically
All the while unlearning that which
Creator instilled in them before

We are making a point here. You come into physicality with everything you need. Your life until you become a legal adult, often buries that knowing so deeply that many of you spend 60 or more years struggling to get back to where you started. All the while you have a sense of needing to do something, of not doing what you were supposed to do when you came here.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply, breath out slowly 4 or 5 times. In doing that you re-establish your connection to source. Now connected you might just begin to feel the LOVE for you that you came with.

We ask you in that moment to re-know that the Creator and you did not send you here to suffer with dignity. You came to experience everything that is deliciously joyous about being physical and creating. There is nothing else.

Many of One

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