I am I said

I am I said
I am said she
I am we agree
I am sets us free

I am spoken sets in motion your acceptance of your own power to create. The spoken word along with your vibration/frequency in the moment it is spoken is creating. We have said this often and today with all that is happening and the holidays coming we take a moment of our typist’s time to again remind you that, the next word spoken after I am will be. So if you have said, “I am so angry, over this situation.” You have guaranteed that you will continue to be “so angry” probably over all situations you come across. We suspect that most of you would not consciously choose to be angry during the holidays and family gatherings. Therefore it might be a good idea to choose to rid yourself of the anger and if nothing else presents itself.
I am that I am and I am thankful.

Many of One


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