The vision to create you

This must come true
If you believe in you
Then we do too
The vision to create you

You all have seen or heard an athlete who has won a medal, talk about the process of visualizing a perfect spin, an amazing run downhill on a snowboard, etc. Then moving the visualization into physical movement many, many times until the body knows what the heart and mind see and know.

The process of changing you into what you would yearn for, is the very same.
It takes desire, dedication and perfect practice over time.

Your body knows how to heal itself it is in the coding that it was created with; the trick is that the mind must get out of the way.

It is our knowing that it is possible for you to meld, body, mind and heart into one unit that works for you.

The first step is to picture you in all ways how you wish to be.
The second step is deliberately choosing that which aids this creation.
The third step is carefully quieting the inner voices through meditation.

You must know your desired outcome and focus on it in order for deliberate creation. The universe sends what you ask for, it is Law. The more you focus your intent and actions the clearer your request is.

The request to be happy; means something different to each BEing, in order for the request to materialize you must know what exactly will make you so.

Many of One


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