You must believe in you

When change is due
You must believe in you
Against what you’ve been taught
The power resides with you

No matter where you look
Regardless of what you read
Guru good or bad
Physicians or quacks

To quote our 2 year old friend
“You do you”
No other can do it for you
The choice is yours

There is a lot of negative shouting being done everywhere you look.
You cannot change the other you can only change you what you choose to observe, what you think, or how you react. Again we remind you “if you don’t mind…it don’t matter”.

Change is something our human friends resist. Most of you would rather swim in the muck you know than exchange the muck for crystal clear water.

No matter what is happening around you, or even to you. You can choose serenity.

We advise you choose you.

Many of One

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