Belief does not serve you


Today we forgo our bit of “poetry” and get into the discussion we wish to have.

Have you ever stopped to evaluate before you make the statement, “I believe in that” and what that actually means to your growing your consciousness in the manner you intended when you came forth to inhabit this body?

Your dictionary says “a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.”

Where in the definition and the manner of usage in a statement of belief is there an open mind?

Notice that the definition says that you place your trust or confidence in something outside yourself. We would remind you that something that you “believe” in should be a truth that comes from your knowing.
A belief is stated as a fact, most of you consider your beliefs as strong statements cut in stone and not open for discussion or negotiations. Again where is the open mind in the equation?

We often remind you that you came to grow your consciousness, in order to accomplish that you must question, question and question. Yes, even question us until there is understanding.

Belief limits your ability to understand and keeps you from evaluating your reality with an open mind, open eyes and open heart. It is in understanding and incorporating understanding into knowing that serves your growth best.

We leave you on winters’ weekend to Ponder … Belief

Many of One


4 thoughts on “Belief does not serve you

  1. I tried not to ask, I really did, but Ronnie IS my back story, the framer of my entire life. He was a little boy, my brother, who died of cancer. His death killed us all. Killed who I was meant to be. But as I type that, I know that his death was meant to be. That was his story. Those left behind were meant to learn from it and go on. I wasn’t put here to carry this grief for my entire life, and it is finally time to lay it down and go on. But, please, can you tell me, before I move on, is he alright? Is he with his family? He was just a little boy, and I always worried that he was frightened.


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