Staying in the highest of vibrations

Today I was reading some old writings and this one seems appropriate to publish today. TheTypist

This day we come forth to discuss with you the importance of staying in the highest of vibrations.

The creation of your desire of heaven on earth can only be obtained by remaining as much as is possible in the concentrated effort of sustaining your connection to your source. Your I AM presence.

While we realize that given the constructs of the current situations in your time space realty doing this is not an easy thing; never the less it is the thing required to create that which you (and we) desire.

The more you are able to stay in the vibration of love, acceptance and allowing the faster the consciousness of humanity as a whole will rise to the level that is required to create your desire: Heaven on Earth.

As it is not an easy thing for human kind to put aside centuries of conditioning and the mass consciousness is not yet aware/awake it remains for the few who are to remain steadfast in their efforts to raise the vibrations of all. You are entering a segment of time when there will be many revelations of that which until now has been hidden, distorted for many generations. As these things unfold it remains for those of you who are aware to hold your vibrations and visualizations to the highest thought, color, sound that you can imagine. For if you can visualize/ think/concentrate on it with your I AM presence it is possible. For it is a truth, that you only have to ask and it is given.

We are always willing to communicate with you the Council of 12



3 thoughts on “Staying in the highest of vibrations

  1. I do ask with all my heart for help and guidance with this….. It hard sometimes but I do want to be this …. I am


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