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Come and walk within the Garden

There comes a day in which you must know
That everything within you grows
Directed by the will of the ALL
Showing, directing, calling you

Calling you away from your reality
Calling you to what is real
Inspiring you to be the best You
Calling come this way, walk with me

Your society says you must have this thing, without that thing you have no value. The ALL, calls you away from that dream, to what is real. You are one with ALL that IS and ALL that IS, exists within you. Do you think that a Being connected to ALL that IS, is valueless?

When you create inside yourself a desire for things, while at the same time feeling that you will never receive those very things; you hold yourself outside the Garden of Eden. For truthfully, Beloved Ones, when you create from your connection to ALL that IS you walk within the Garden hand in hand with your Creator. This then is the fabled Garden, being in physical form, KNOWING your connection to ALL that IS and living your life fully.

Many of One


Do not an ostrich be

Do not an ostrich be
With head in sand
Afraid to see
Instead look with calm

Upon that which
Is causing fear
Stand in your knowing
This cannot affect me

This cannot hurt me
Unless I allow it to
It is not possible
I see but do not fear

Like to like is drawn
Maintain your positive energy
Look at that horrible thing
But feed it not

Your news media keeps
Many millions of you
Focused in fear upon
That which you do not want

The more millions
They keep focused in fear
The more fear causing
Newsworthy minutes will come

We do not say
A Pollyanna be
For sometimes
The good is hard to find

In the process of looking
You are focused upon
That which you do not
Wish to experience

Instead see
As the Creator sees
Look with love
For those affected souls

Then look for something
That brings you joy
Then look again
With peace in your heart

Fear begets fear
And Hate begets hate
Both disappear in the face

Many of One

The requirement is

Listen my dears
This is how it goes
The mind clears
And Spirit knows

Then the connection
As pure as gold
It flows

Now you know
The requirement
A quiet mind

It does not mean
A mind without thought
It does mean
A mind aware

It means a mind at peace
A mind without despair
A mind without victimhood
A mind containing hope

From a clear mind
Flowing with Spirit
All blessings flow
This is life as life was meant to be

Many of One

You are the keeper of the connection

Abundance comes and abundance flows
Abundance is proof positive
That you understand from whom it flows
You are that which draws abundance to you

When your connection to your Creator
Is that thing which is most important
Is the focus of your feel goodness
Is centered strongly in your energy

From that connection flows all
You are the controller of that connection
You are the power behind your abundance
You are the keeper of the connection

No other being keeps you
Separate from abundance
Just you
Only YOU

The being from whom
All blessings flow
The river on which all blessing flow

Your connection with your Creator
Your connection with your truth
Your surrender to Divine Will
Your will, will not suffice

Many of One

Change your thoughts

We desire to teach
That anything you can imagine
You can create
You can experience

We desire you to know
That you do it all day long
Every long day of your life
Every thought creates

So wouldn’t you rather
Experience plenty
Than lack
Change your thoughts

Is not joy more preferable
Than sorrow and worry
Friendships better than aloneness
Change your thoughts

That which you think about
Is created
If you would but feel about
Be thankful about

Those things you wish to experience
They would come about
So, feel about and be thankful about
That which you desire to bring about

Many of One

Staying in the highest of vibrations

Today I was reading some old writings and this one seems appropriate to publish today. TheTypist

This day we come forth to discuss with you the importance of staying in the highest of vibrations.

The creation of your desire of heaven on earth can only be obtained by remaining as much as is possible in the concentrated effort of sustaining your connection to your source. Your I AM presence.

While we realize that given the constructs of the current situations in your time space realty doing this is not an easy thing; never the less it is the thing required to create that which you (and we) desire.

The more you are able to stay in the vibration of love, acceptance and allowing the faster the consciousness of humanity as a whole will rise to the level that is required to create your desire: Heaven on Earth.

As it is not an easy thing for human kind to put aside centuries of conditioning and the mass consciousness is not yet aware/awake it remains for the few who are to remain steadfast in their efforts to raise the vibrations of all. You are entering a segment of time when there will be many revelations of that which until now has been hidden, distorted for many generations. As these things unfold it remains for those of you who are aware to hold your vibrations and visualizations to the highest thought, color, sound that you can imagine. For if you can visualize/ think/concentrate on it with your I AM presence it is possible. For it is a truth, that you only have to ask and it is given.

We are always willing to communicate with you the Council of 12


Receiving and Writing

Living by the Sun
Living by the Moon
13 Moons in All
Body in sync with Nature

Can you put aside from you, the discord that comes from that which surrounds you?

Today they wish me to relay to the first time I “wrote” in a trance.
These writings come to me in a trace like state, with a quiet mind and a bit of music in the background; I sit at the computer and open myself to the Guides. First there is an acknowledgement that they are present and accounted for. Then some short statements that establish the link and then we are off and writing. A few years ago while meditating at my desk before starting my work for the day. There came a request. “Take a piece of paper out of printer and put pen in left hand.” HUH? I am righthanded.  By then I had learned to follow instructions fairly well, so I did as asked. With my left hand I wrote the following:
I am here with you
My name is Gregory
I bring you news from home
Now be prepared
I am Gregory
Be prepared – All is Order
WE are here
This is your dance
You know the steps.
Okay, so know I am REALLY excited and somewhat taken aback by this happening. That was only step one. Next the voice said keep your eyes closed and stand up…sit down…stand up. Now open your eyes. With my eyes closed the feeling was of being 10 feet tall and that my head was in the upstairs bedroom. I was expanded. When the request to open my eyes was given, I was shocked to find that I was well contained in my physical body.
The feeling of being expanded was gone, and boy did I want it back! So, the next day I tried again, the music, a pen and a journal to receive the message. That was 7 years ago and I am ever seeking expansion, so each day I write.