An observation

We have been traveling a bit with our typist.While sitting in an airport many hours, plane delayed, we had the opportunity to walk, explore and listen. Most beings are absorbed in their own pursuits, ignoring others, until the plane gets delayed and then there is a hum of conversation and activity. Each is trying to convince the other that they are the one who is most injured by the delay. If their demand that they are most injured is not acknowledged by the being they are in conversation with they move into another conversation with the next being they make eye contact with and start again to convince. While we admit that a 7 hour delay of arrival, can and will cause some distress. 137 passengers complaining and bickering with airline personnel can dump a lot of negativity into the ethers in a very short time. Not to mention the negativity each complainer puts into their own futures. Because you see the universal energy meets like with like and therefore those 137 beings with such strong emotional energy pouring out of them said to the universe. This I want more of this!

Therefore, we would gently suggest the next time you find yourself in a situation of delay that you calmly insert ear buds and play Mozart. Thank the universe for the airplane that will eventually get you where you wish to be and the talent of Mozart.

Many of One


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