BEcome the hero

Your life is a play
Which you write with your words
Why then do you write the tale
Of that which has happened to you

If you were writing a novel
Or a play you would not make
The star your victim
But you make you a victim

Why then do you use
Your words of power
To tell the story of your victimhood
Would you not rather be the hero

When you were a child
You were going to be the hero
When you grew up
We wish you to become the hero

It is power to BE that you want
Not poor me
Hear the tale of how misused
Am I

Tell the tale of what you do
Not the tale of what is done to you
You are the chooser of words
Put a different spin on the story

BE come the hero
You desire to be
Not just in your mind
But in your life

Save yourself

Many of One


Come out of the dark

Come by here
And sit a spell
Come by here
And be awhile

Come by here
And listen well
Come by here
Come out of the dark

Come by here
Into the light
Come by here
And be awhile

Come by here
And take our hand
Come by here
Into the light

Many of One

The Angels hover near

The Angels hover near
But are you aware
The Angles speak
But do you hear

Be still and know
They say
Know what you say
Be still and know

What, what should I know
Be still and know
What, what are you
Trying to say

Be still and know
The Angels hover near
Be still and know
The Angels speak

Be still and know

Be still and know
The All within
The All without
Be still and know

Many of One

Ponder and Prosper


A broken record
Don’t you see
Advice we bring
Tools we give

Free will is yours
You can change or not
You can prosper or not
You can be healthy or not

That which you desire
Will be yours or not
Depending upon

Accept responsibility
For your action
For your words
For your thoughts

Choose differently
The actions you take
The words you speak
The thoughts you think

Take responsibility
For you
For your present
For your future

Blame not another
You do you
Ponder and Prosper

Many of One

An observation

We have been traveling a bit with our typist.While sitting in an airport many hours, plane delayed, we had the opportunity to walk, explore and listen. Most beings are absorbed in their own pursuits, ignoring others, until the plane gets delayed and then there is a hum of conversation and activity. Each is trying to convince the other that they are the one who is most injured by the delay. If their demand that they are most injured is not acknowledged by the being they are in conversation with they move into another conversation with the next being they make eye contact with and start again to convince. While we admit that a 7 hour delay of arrival, can and will cause some distress. 137 passengers complaining and bickering with airline personnel can dump a lot of negativity into the ethers in a very short time. Not to mention the negativity each complainer puts into their own futures. Because you see the universal energy meets like with like and therefore those 137 beings with such strong emotional energy pouring out of them said to the universe. This I want more of this!

Therefore, we would gently suggest the next time you find yourself in a situation of delay that you calmly insert ear buds and play Mozart. Thank the universe for the airplane that will eventually get you where you wish to be and the talent of Mozart.

Many of One

The tapestry you paint

Imagine this if you will
A piece of cloth
Stretched out in front of you
On that cloth you will paint

You paint with your words
This life you will lead
It is as simple as that
It is as hard as that

Your words are the paint
Applied to the tapestry
That will become your life
Choose carefully

Once painted not easily erased
Words are not lead
Lead can be rubbed out
Words spoken must be lived out

Once spoken words
Will be experienced
Until you begin to choose
And speak carefully

The tapestry you paint
Will not be that which
You desire to experience
Tell a different story

Paint a different life

Many Of One

The evidence will prove

Your lives create contrast
From contrast choice is made
The better the choice
The better the change

Don’t worry, bad choice
You get to choose again
In fact we want you to choose
Again and again

In choice lies your power
In choice lies your creation
In choice lies your gift
No choice is a choice

Responsibility for choices
Responsibility for no choice
Yep, yours

When you make a choice
You choose a path
The energy of that choice
Carries you along the path

If the path is not of your liking
Choose again
There are as many paths
As there are choices

When you choose
The true path for you
The evidence will prove
Creation flows forth

You change
Your life changes
Folks around you change
The path becomes easy

Many of One