You will always spring forward into new

In the time when spring has sprung
When the new life abounds
It is our desire to reassure
That as spring is renewal

So is death a renewal
When you see each winter end
When see the flowers begin to grow
Re-know that so it is with you

The end of one winter/life
Brings the spring/reincarnation
You are an eternal Being
You will always spring forward into new

New experiences for the joy of it
New desires to create
New expressions of who you BE
Live this life fully

But if you leave something undone
It is but for awhile
Till you return
No regrets

Many of One

Inside the box is not a place for you

The rules they say you must play this way
The rules they say you must stay in the lines
The rules they say you must obey
The rules they say here is your box

The rules they say stay in the box
The rules they say do not stray
The rules they say this way for him
The rules they say that way for her

The rules they say no you can not
The rules they say this you can have
The rules they say that you cannot
The rules they say you must obey

Inside the box you cannot see
Inside the box the world is not
Inside the box the other is bad
Inside the box is not a place for you

Break the rules and be
Break the rules and breathe
Break the rules crush the box
Break the rules and see the sky

Break the rules and create
Break the rules and breathe
Break the rules and sing
Break the rules and love

Many of One

Come with us and walk awhile

Come with us and walk awhile
Come with us and talk awhile
Come with open heart
And let us show you for a while

We would show you for a moment
What it could be like
If you would but take Creator’s hand
Reach out now with eyes closed

Open your heart
Your hand in Creator’s
Peace flows through you
Walk now awhile

Walk awhile in silence
Absorb the energy
Through your hand into all of you
Where you walk you bless the earth

As it was meant to be
Breathe now
See you as Creator does
See all as Creator does

Breathe now
With the energy of the Creator
Flowing through
What would you create

Not what would you fix
But what would you create
Imagine it and it is done
Breathe now

Hold that feeling
Open your eyes
Continue to hold the hand
Go forth and create

Many of One

The energy must flow

The energy must flow
Don’t you know
From feet to head
Then back again

From Mother Earth
Passing through you
To Father Sky

To renew
And Mother Earth too

Feet on ground
Hands in the air
The energy must flow

Now you know
The energy must flow
When you are grounded
Your energy flows

When you are grounded
All is well
You are well
The energy must flow

Many of One

See you the way the Creator does

We wish that you could see
See you the way the Creator does
Close your eyes do you see
Any imperfection anywhere

Eyes closed you cannot see
That which you call imperfect
Eyes closed you can only sense you
Eyes closed is not possible to judge perfect or not

It is when your eyes open that you begin
Judgement of what is beautiful
And what is not
Begin to see the world with your soul

You have a saying
The eyes are the windows to the soul
We say
The eyes should be the windows for the soul

Begin to look out from your heart
Begin to look with love
Begin to look with compassion
Begin to look as you were meant to

With the eyes of your soul
There is beauty and music
There is compassion and understanding
There is not imperfection in creation

Many of One

As he said, it still can be

You know he came so long ago
Watch said he
This is how it goes
This is how it’s meant to be

And then he said
This thing that I have done
You shall do
Watch and learn

They all listened
And they watched
But no one learned
It is not as it is meant to be

Now two thousand plus years
And few have learned
And so we come to you
Listen say we, this is how it’s meant to be

Some will read and some will learn
Some will read and turn away
Sad say we
As he said, it still can be

Many of One

Let’s see who does and doesn’t care

Let’s see who does and doesn’t care
Spread the music everywhere
The music that you have inside
The notes that are distinctly you

We all came here to spread the word
Inside me the WORD does sing

If I can then so can you
If she can than so can he
If they can than so can we
If we can then it must be

The music of the universe
Is yours to write
The music resides inside of you
The beat of your heart uniquely you

You are the music of the universe
The universe is the music of you
Deeply intertwined yet
Uniquely you

Many of One