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Indeed I AM

I AM in need
I AM indeed
In need I AM
Indeed I AM

And so it is, in circles you think and you think in circles. Backwards or forwards, our dear friends you think and think; the same thought over and over.

Stop it, we say to you. You are in charge the beings around you are not doing this to you. YOU are doing “this” to you. What you fail to see; is this: it is not personal. Energy is neutral, and everything is energy. Everything is energy.

Universal source in energy, it is neutral. Always moving forward, positive to positive and negative to negative, source is not seeking you out to make your life miserable. Source is impersonal, following the universal laws that govern.
If you can but comprehend this thought, “it isn’t personal”, and adjust your behaviors accordingly things begin to change. You are responsible for how your life works. YOU!

Many of One


A butterfly that can fly to the moon

And so we say
Unto you all
The Word of the Creator

And in the LAW
You will find
The consistency you seek
The LAW cannot change

The LAW is not subject
To the whims of man
The LAW governs
The universes of Creation

So we say to you
That in the LAW
That does not change
In this is the Creator’s Love

As any parent knows
A child cannot thrive
In chaos
In a world without rules

So safely within the LAW
You go about becoming
For the LAW doesn’t change
It is your cocoon

What the Creator has wrought
Man cannot undo
Understand the LAW
Become a butterfly

A butterfly that can fly to the moon

Many of One

The gift is still unopened

All the questions that are asked
All the answers are given
All the time that spent in prayer
All the requests are granted

Question asked
Answer given
Prayer received
Request granted

If you ask
You shall receive
It is written
It is Law

It cannot be otherwise
But, say you
I did not get
That which I asked for

You did we say
The gift is still unopened
The wrapping is different
Than what you expected

Gratitude for what you receive
Gratitude for what you asked for
Even though not yet received
Gratitude unwraps the gift

Miracles occur, look and listen
And you will hear
All the answers in your ear
Answers given

Many of One

For every cause there is effect

The Law is true
The Law it can be used
Used to improve life
If you know the why’s and how’s

For every cause there is effect
So what do you choose
Cause by default
Cause by choice

Every action has a reaction
Every thought a consequence
What sow you reap
Which do you choose

In choosing is the power
Will you be a causer
A causer of hope
A causer of despair

Thoughts of hope
The effect is hope
Thought of despair
The effect is hopelessness

Again we say to you change your thoughts, change your world.
It is the Law of Cause and Effects

Many of One

They and you are the same

And so it came upon my ear
They and you are the same
They and you are from the One
Their heart beats as yours does

And when looked upon the tree
It came upon my ear
They and you are the same
They and you came from the One

And when I looked upon the table
It came upon my ear
It and you are the same
It and you came from the One

And when I looked up the murderer
It came upon my ear
They and you are the same
Not said I

Yes, said they
He and you are the same
You are that, you are
Not said I

Yes, said they
You are human being as is he
You are whole and complete as is he
The One accepts he and you, both

Accepts both he and you
As you are
Where you are
How you are

He kills says I
I do not kill
The same
Said they

I looked again and I could see
I am that, I Am
In spite of what he does
We are the same

I need not approve of his acts
I am not required to do the same
I am required to acknowledge
We were created the same

Where he stands he is
Whole and complete
A creation of the One
As am I

I am That, I AM
Acceptance of my fellow man
I am That, I AM
Divine the Law of ONENESS

Many of One

Separate but not a part from

If you learn universal laws
They can help your cause
The cause of life lived easier
They are the big Secret you should know

If All is One then so are you
Separate but not a part from
Says this Law that All is One
One and the same energy

Same as you, same as they
In the beginning there was One
From that One flows All creation
Uniquely you but still the same

Many of One

First there is Oneness

First there is Oneness
Next there is Vibration
Then comes Action
A little Correspondence
Brings Cause and Effect
A must have is Compensation
Finally we arrive at Law of Attraction

BUT it does not end there
Our friend Perpetual Transmutation
And a understanding of Relativity
Two sides to every issue because of Polarity
The beat of the drums everything has a Rhythm
And the final requirement Gender

And our point is this
The universe does not operate
On one LAW alone
And neither should you

Many of One